What We Look For

We welcome startups with at least a prototype or a minimum viable product. Developing beyond the concept stage will better demonstrate your vision, your capability to deliver it and get you ready to receive investment.

The success of a company, in addition to the soundness of the business concept and quality of the founding team, depends significantly on their access to:

Industry knowledge

Prior experience in running similar or related businesses

Execution ability

Professional legal, financial, regulatory and technical advice


Decision makers

Application Proccess

We encourage startups in need of early stage financing to contact us via a member who knows you or your project. If you don't know anyone in our group, you can use the Contact form to tell us about your project.

Please submit either an one-to-two page teaser and/or a short PowerPoint describing the business and its funding needs.

Upon receipt, we will endeavor to revert shortly to say yes or no whether to continue.

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Deal Criteria

General investment per deal USD100-500k, as part of a total round =<USD1m (higher in exceptional circumstances)

From seed round stage to pre-A round

Generally USD or HKD investment into Hong Kong or offshore incorporated entities

Operational base preferably in Hong Kong or Pearl River Delta (although the market may be regional or global)

Further Steps...

If we are open to considering an application you will be contacted by the Deals Committee and be invited to make a presentation before the members. This, including Q&A, will run to around 30 minutes.

If there is sufficient positive response, we will then move forwards towards a possible future investment. If not, we will always endeavour to provide feedback to the entrepreneur at a later date.


All our members have signed a pledge with the Club regarding confidentiality regarding any deal information obtained through exchanges with an applicant.